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Council Strategies, Plans & Reports

Council is required by law to work according to endorsed long term strategic and annual plans. Every year a Council must produce an Annual Report, which should reflect their performance against the Strategic Plan and the Annual Plan.

It is also good governance and strategic planning to supplement these documents with more detailed strategies and plans, most of which can be found at the Planning and Development section of this website.

The Strategic Plan 2023-2033 outlines Council’s values, goals and strategies to create a thriving place with opportunities for all.

The Annual Plan 2024-25 lists the outcomes Brighton is to achieve during the financial year in order to meet the commitments in the Strategic Plan.

The Annual Report 2022/23 provides an account of council activities and financial performance for the last full financial year.


A key component of sound financial management is the preparation of longer term financial strategies, plans and budgets.  The development and adherence to longer term plans is critical to ensure the Council remains financially sustainable.

Financial Management Strategy & Long Term Financial Management Plan 2022 – 2032

A copy of Council’s Asset Management Policy can be found here. This policy sets guidelines for implementing consistent asset management processes throughout Brighton Council. This policy also provides direction as to how Council, as custodians of community assets will sustainably manage current and future assets.

Brighton Council Asset Management Policy

Strategic Plans:

Strategic Plan_2015-2025 (superseded by current Strategic Plan)

*For older strategic plans or reports, please contact council on (03) 6268 7000 or

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Annual Plans:

Annual Plan 2013-14
Annual Plan 2014-15
Annual Plan 2015-16
Annual Plan 2016-17
Annual Plan 2017-18
Annual Plan 2018-19
Annual Plan 2019-20
Annual Plan 2021-22
Annual Plan 2022-23

*For older annual plans or reports, please contact council on (03) 6268 7000 or

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