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Public Health

We maintain food safety in our community by:

  • Issuing Food Business Registrations, Temporary Food Business Registrations, Food Stalls and Mobile Van Registrations.
  • Food Safety Audits of Food Businesses.
  • Free Food Handler Training Seminars.
  • Carries out investigations into Food Safety Complaints.

If you would like more information or have any questions please contact our Environmental Health Officer on 03 6268 7000


FREE Online I’m Alert Food Hygiene Training

Brighton Council is pleased to provide you with FREE and unlimited access to a new product that will assist food handlers and people with an interest in food hygiene procedures to gain valuable skills and knowledge in food safety and hygiene.

This program is presented in an interactive, easy-to-follow, and entertaining format and includes the ability for the user to print off an acknowledgement form and a certificate on completion of the program that can be kept as proof of accreditation.

This training program can also be used to assist food business managers in ensuring all staff are trained in this important area reducing any risk of food-borne illness resulting from poor food handling practices.

It is recommended anyone handling food on a regular basis complete this program annually as part of their training. This is a great opportunity to provide relevant up-to-date training that would otherwise cost individuals and businesses money and a great deal more in time.

For further information on the food safety topics within this training program, please contact Council’s Environmental Health Department on (03) 6268 7029.

Click here to visit our I’m Alert Food Hygiene Training website presented by Environmental Health Australia.

Please note the I’m Alert Food Hygiene Training program is best completed in the one session if you wish to print out a certificate of completion, this takes approximately 2 hours. For those wanting to address specific areas of food hygiene, individual modules such as temperature control, hand washing etc. can be done individually and take approximately 5 to 10 minutes each.


State Government through the Department of Health have commenced using the Brighton Civic Centre located at 25 Green Point Road to administer COVID-19 vaccinations. Please note this vaccination clinic is operated solely by the Department of Health on specific dates and times only, Council has no involvement with the operation of this program.

As this program is run exclusively by the Department of Health, Brighton Council is unable to assist with any bookings or general enquiries regarding the COVID-19 immunisations, any enquiries regarding appointments, operating times or general enquiries should be directed to:

Public Health Hotline on 1800 671 738.

Please note the operation of Councils monthly immunisation clinic will not be affected and continue to operate on the first Tuesday of every month with the only change being the April clinic will be held on 13th April as previously advertised. Vaccinations given at this clinic are restricted to those on the National Immunisation Program and do not include COVID-19.


The Brighton Council sponsors a free monthly immunisation clinic delivering all vaccines funded in the National Immunisation Program here, no appointment is necessary.


This clinic is held at the Brighton Civic Centre, 25 Green Point Road, on the first Tuesday of each month between 2.00 p.m. – 3.00 p.m on the following days:


Tues. 5th January

Tues. 2nd February

Tues. 2nd March

Tues. 13th April

Tues. 4th May

Tues. 1st June

Tues. 6th July

Tues. 3rd August

Tues. 7th September

Tues. 5th October

Tues. 2nd November

Tues. 7th December


Additional Vaccinations

Apart from offering the full range of vaccines on the standard vaccination schedule to infants, children and adults, Council also offers a 20% subsidy (off the wholesale cost) to residents for Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Pertussis (Whooping Cough) and Influenza vaccines. The cost to non-residents is wholesale plus a small administrative fee. These vaccines NOT on the standard schedule must be pre-booked two weeks before normal clinic days to ensure stock is available.

For any further details please contact Brighton Councils Senior Environmental Health Officer on (03) 6268 7029.


Immunisation Record Request

If you would like to request an Immunisation Record Certificate, please complete webform found HERE.

Recently, the Department of Tourism, Arts and the Environment released new legislation dealing with backyard burning; wood heater smoke; and the importation, manufacture and sale of woodheaters.

Following, are 3 Pamphlets which may assist explaining the intent of the legislation and contain a summary of the requirements.

Backyard Burning

Woodheater Pamphlet

Manufacture, importation and sale of wood heaters


And please don’t forget to be Asbestos Aware: Asbestos Information

Carols By Candlelight

Under the Public Health Act 1997, the Director of Public Health has the authority to designate classes of public events as smoke-free. The Director has used this authority to declare all carols by candlelight events as smoke-free from 1st November 2012.

Banning smoking at carols by candlelight events will help to de-normalise tobacco to children at an event predominately attended by families with children. Smoking is less likely to be considered the norm when it is removed from busy public areas, particularly where there are young people. It also protects the health of non-smokers, including staff and patrons from exposure to harmful second-hand smoke and supports smokers by making it easier to quit or remain quit.


Selected Markets and Festivals

From 2nd January 2013 selected markets, food and wine and music festivals are to be smoke-free or have designated areas for smoking.  Events in the Brighton Municipality to which this will apply as of 2 January 2013 are:

The Brighton Show

For further information regarding Smoke-Free Public Events within the Brighton Municipality, please contact the Brighton Council Environmental Health Department on (03) 6268 7000 or please consider the weblinks below.


Additional External Links:

Smoke Free Public Event Guide for Event Organisers

Smoke Free Management Plan Application Form

Tobacco Control Resources