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Brighton is located approximately 20 kilometres north-east of Hobart on the eastern side of the Derwent River and forms part of the urban-rural interface of Greater Hobart. The municipality is bordered by Derwent Valley, Southern Midlands and Clarence Councils and is traversed by the Midland Highway, East Derwent Highway, the main north-south railway line and the Jordan River.

The municipality consists of nine suburbs. Dromedary, Honeywood and Tea Tree are predominantly rural. Bridgewater, Brighton, Gagebrook, Herdsmans Cove and Old Beach are predominantly urban and house the vast bulk of the population, and Pontville is a significant colonial era village.

Brighton has a proud rural heritage and today is home to wineries, cherry growers and a host of other niche produce.

The municipal area is approximately 170 square kilometres. It is Tasmania’s fastest growing community with a municipal population exceeding 19,000, and an annual growth rate well in excess of 2 per cent. Brighton has a relatively young population with a median age of 35.

The main activity centre is in Bridgewater at Green Point / Cove Hill which provides two supermarkets and other key commercial, community and office services. However, the Brighton township has historically acted as a rural hub and with its rapid growth is becoming a more significant provider of commercial and community services.

Industrial land use is a key feature of the municipality and its future growth. It is centred upon the Transport Hub, which is the major transport interchange for Southern Tasmania. A number of associated industrial areas providing for warehousing and freight-related commercial development and clustering industries are expected to continue to develop and, together, will constitute one of the region’s three major industrial conglomerations, with the most potential to expand further.

Brighton is home to a proud community with a strong sense of identity and optimism.