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Property rates are Brighton Council’s principal revenue source. Brighton operates under a fair rating system. The rating system comprises a fixed component for services that are enjoyed equally by all ratepayers and includes a differential based on locality that recognises capacity to pay.

These services include

  • Road Maintenance
  • Maintenance of public facilities including recreation, parks, halls and public toilets
  • Strategic planning
  • New infrastructure and infrastructure planning
  • Promotion of the municipality
  • Waste disposal
  • Street lighting
  • Strengthening the economy of our community
  • Community grants
  • Support of NGOs and community organisations
  • Pursuit of state and federal funding for the locality
  • Administration of state and federal legislation
  • Provision of information and giving of voice to the community
  • Community events, and much more

Rates are charged for various services and owners pay rates according to whether all or only some of the services supplied are available to a particular property.

Councils Rates and Charges for the current financial year may be viewed here

Rates instalments for the 2022/23 year are due on:


Instalment 1 due – 08 August 2022

Instalment 2 due – 31 October 2022

Instalment 3 due – 31 January 2023

Instalment 4 due – 28 April 2023


Rates notices are posted out in the first week of July. Should you wish to register to receive your rates notice by email please visit this link. Please note you will need to enter your reference number, as it appears on your rate notice.

In person

At our office located at 1 Tivoli Road, Old Beach. We accept, cash, cheque, Visa and Mastercard (we do not accept Diners Club or American Express). Council cashiers operate from 8.30am to 4.30pm, Monday to Friday.

By phone 

Call Brighton Council anytime on 1300 366 740 to pay with your Mastercard or Visa. Your payment reference number is located on the front or your rates notice. A small transaction fee will apply at the time of payment.

By Internet

Follow the make payment icons located on our website A small transaction fee will apply at the time of payment.

Direct Debit

Direct Debit is free to set up and allows payments to be made weekly, fortnightly, monthly, by instalment or in full on the due date of the first instalment. If you would like to arrange this or would like further information please contact us or fill in this Direct Debit Form.


This can be done through your bank or credit union online. You will need the Biller Code and Reference Number which can be found on your Rates Notice.

Post Office

In person at any post office within Australia. A $50.00 minimum payment applies.


If it is difficult for you to get into the office you can post us a “not negotiable” cheque or money order made out to Brighton Council at 1 Tivoli Road, Old Beach TAS 7017.

What if I cant pay my rates by the due date?

If you are having difficulty paying your rates, please contact us, we are here to help and can arrange a payment schedule for you.

You can find Council’s Financial Hardship Assistance Policy here.

The Application for Financial Hardship Assistance form is available here.

Interest is applied on all overdue amounts when Rates are not paid by the instalment date. If an overdue amount remains unpaid after 14 days Council may take legal action for total rates payable if there is no approved payment arrangement in place. Any costs incurred due to legal action are recoverable from the ratepayer. If you do not pay your rates for three or more years, by law we are able to sell your property at a public auction to recoup costs. This is of course a last resort and is in accordance with Section 137 of the Local Government Act 1993 .

Your rates notice is made up of at least three components, the most significant being the General Rates charge.

General Rate

When calculating your general rates charges for the year, councils are guided by the Assessed Values of your property which are determined by the Valuer General. A full valuation occurs every six years with an interim adjusted valuation provided every two years.

Garbage Charge

This service charge is for the kerbside collection of your rubbish/recycling bins if your property is within the collection area.

Fire Levy

Council is required to collect this revenue on behalf of the State Government, which is then passed on to the Tasmania Fire Service.

The rates resolution is adopted by Council in June of each year.

A copy of the Rates Resolution for 2023-24 can be found here.

A copy of our Rates and Charges Policy can be located here

If you have owned the property or are the eligible ratepayer listed on the property on or before July 1 of the current financial year, have occupied the property as your principal place of residence on or before July 1 this financial year, and receive one of the following pensions or payments, you may be eligible for reduced rate payments.

  • Age
  • Sole Parent
  • Health Care Card
  • TPI/War Widow
  • Service
  • Widow
  • Wife/Carer
  • Invalid, disability supported or sheltered employment allowance.


Applications for Rate Remission must be returned to us before March 31 of the financial year they are related to.

Note: The Department of Treasury and Finance confirms your eligibility for a pensioner rate remission. They also set a maximum amount that can be claimed each financial year, this is dependent upon whether or not you are also eligible to receive a remission on your water and sewage charges from Tas Water.

All eligible concession holders must present their current (in-date) Pension Concession card or Health Care Card when applying for a concession on their rates. Issue date on the card must be on or before 1st July of the year in which you wish to apply. For further information, including conditions of eligibility for a Pension Concession, contact the Rates Office on (03) 6268 7025 between 8.15am and 4.45pm Monday to Friday.

If you change your postal address it important that you let Council know, you can do this in a number of ways:

Please note Council’s business hours are 8.15am to 4.45pm Monday to Friday and are located at 1 Tivoli Road Old Beach, the postal address is the same location.

In the case of a name change (ie Marriage), Council advises these changes must be made through the Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water & Environment, which will in due course notify Council. This ensures all Title Records and Information remain current and accurate across all relevant Departments.