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Invest in Brighton

Located 20km north of the Hobart CBD, it is a municipality at the head of Greater Hobart’s primary growth corridor and home to southern Tasmania’s primary freight and logistics hub and industrial estate.

Brighton is a compelling option for businesses looking to access the rapidly expanding Greater Hobart economy and the strategic benefits Brighton has to offer. Those who have invested in Brighton over the past two decades have already discovered it to be a dynamic, supportive and cost-effective business environment to grow and expand.


As an epicentre for significant infrastructure investment across transport, industry, education, housing, sport and recreation, Brighton is transforming into a place of growth and long-term prosperity.

  • Population – the Local Government Area (LGA) is home to more than 17,000 people. The area’s population is increasing at over 5 times the growth rate of Tasmania.
  • Employment – the local population is bucking the ageing population trend with 54% of residents under the age of 35. The number of local jobs has been increasing exponentially, almost doubling since 2006.
  • Education – Brighton is home to five primary schools, one high school (with a second on the way), a regional trade training facility, an agricultural school of excellence (school farm) and a range of child care and pre-school options. The University of Tasmania Hobart Campus is 25 minutes away.
  • Gross Regional Product – the LGA supports an economy fast approaching $400 million.
  • Proactive council – Brighton Council has kept rates increases at or below Hobart CPI every year for over 20 years and has a fair rating system. The council is very supportive of new businesses.

The business case for Brighton is a compelling one.


  • Brighton continues to have the highest population growth of any Tasmania municipality.
  • Its Gross Regional Product (GRP) continues to grow at a steady year-on-year and is fast approaching $400 million.
  • Brighton is a key strategic location for the strong Greater Hobart economy.
  • Brighton Council has been very proactive in workforce planning for the region in partnership State and Federal Government, KPMG and surrounding councils. Council can assist your business in having a ready-to-employ workforce with the appropriate education, training and experience for your business.
  • Brighton has a young population and an excellent trade training facility.
  • Cheaper land than elsewhere in Greater Hobart.
  • Strategic benefits and efficiencies for transport, import/export and logistics.
  • Cheaper rates.
  • The Midland Highway and East Derwent Highway transect Brighton
  • Southern Tasmania’s ‘inland port’ the Brighton Transport Hub is located in the centre of the municipality. This is the primary freight and logistics hub for greater Hobart and includes the southern base for TasRail.
  • Surrounding the Transport Hub is development-ready land zoned for industry.
  • Brighton is home to a range of eateries, supermarkets, chemists
  • Brighton is home to five primary schools, both public and private and is soon to have a brand new second high school in the rapidly growing township of Brighton.
  • Brighton has a full range of medical and dental services, child care, aged care and support services.
  • Brighton is very proud of its high quality sporting and recreation facilities, award-winning parks and foreshore walking trails.