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Nature Strips

The nature strip or road verge is public land within the road reservation. Council maintains
vegetation in nature strips to avoid fire hazard only. This relieves pressure on Council’s
budget so that the funds can be better utilized elsewhere. Often landowners choose to
landscape or maintain the nature strip in front of their property to a higher standard.
Council allows landowners to landscape the section of nature strip in front of their own
property in accordance with the following guidelines:

  • Bark, compacted rocks or similar ground coverings must be stable and properly
  • It is the responsibility of the landowner to ensure that all landscaping materials be
    kept within the nature strips and not migrate onto roads, footpaths, driveways or
    stormwater drains.
  • Any planting must not interfere with underground services, either by selecting small
    plants or using root guards.
  • Any planting must not at their mature size obstruct pedestrians, vehicles or line of
    sight of vehicles.
  • If any asset owner needs to access their underground assets for any reason, the
    nature strip will be re-established with topsoil and grass seed only and will not include
    the replacement of any irrigation or other landscaping. Any additional landscaping
    will be done at the cost of the landowner.
  •  When watering, water must not fall on the footpath, driveway or road.
  • The following items will not be permitted:
    – Retaining walls
    – Permanent fences outside the property boundary
    – Concrete slab
  • Long-term storage of materials on the nature strip is not permitted.
  • It is the responsibility of the landowner to ensure any underground services in the
    area are not affected and if any damage should occur, the landowner must meet the
    cost of repairs.
  • A dial before you dig must be made prior to any digging (Dial 1100).
  • The vegetation and area must be continually maintained in a good order, to the
    satisfaction of Council.
  • Should the area not be maintained in a condition to the satisfaction of Council,
    Council reserves the right to remove any or all of the vegetation/landscaping and
    reinstate to a grassed area without claim for damages from the landowner, at the
    landowners cost.

Please also be aware that if there is no footpath, the nature strip can be used by the public as
a footway. The land is publicly owned and must always be accessible to Council and the

A copy of the guidelines and works permit application form can be downloaded here:

Nature Strip Landscaping Guidelines

Works Permit Application Form

If you have any queries or require further information, please contact Council’s Asset Services
Department by telephone on 6268 7000.