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Advertised Development Applications

Applications for planning permits that are advertised in The Mercury newspaper are also posted here. The relevant plans and documents are available below and can also be inspected at Council Offices, 1 Tivoli Road, Old Beach during office hours for a period of 14 days.

During the 14 day period, any person may make representations about the application/s by writing to the General Manager, 1 Tivoli Road, Old Beach 7017, or by email to Representations must be provided in writing and should state the reasons why you support or object to the application and your contact details.

Any personal information submitted is covered by our privacy policy.

Description Address Closing Date Pdf file
Dwelling 10 Blacklow Court, Brighton 23rd August 2020


Dwelling 8 Blacklow Court, Brighton 23rd August 2020


Outbuilding & Patio Roof 50 Haskell Road, Brighton 23rd August 2020


Patio Roof (new) and Detached Bedroom/Living Area (existing) 17 Bromley Street, Bridgewater 19th August 2020


Outbuilding 50 Fouche Avenue, Old Beach 19th August 2020


Outbuilding 1 Hector Place, Brighton 19th August 2020


Dwelling 2 Sexton Court, Brighton 12th July 2020


Boundary Adjustment 622 & 622A Middle Tea Tree Road, Tea Tree 12th August 2020


Dwelling 9 Dokdo Rise, Honeywood 12th August 2020


Additions & Alterations to dwelling and a new outbuilding 7 Alec Campbell Drive, Brighton 12th August 2020


Subdivision (1 lot plus balance) 1 Redside Drive, Brighton 12th August 2020


Dwelling & Outbuilding 354 Cove Hill Road, Honeywood 12th August 2020


Additions & Alterations to dwelling and a new outbuilding 30 Natlee Crescent, Old Beach 12th August 2020


Outbuilding Unit 1, 46 Racecourse Road, Brighton 10th August 2020


Dwelling & Outbuilding 120 Baskerville Road, Old Beach 10th August 2020


Substantially Modified Part of the Brighton draft LPS Many properties 11 September 2020

Substantially modified part of Brighton draft LPS


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