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Fire Hazards

Every year Brighton Council is faced with what can be a time consuming and costly task of inspecting and arranging for the removal of fire hazards throughout the municipality. The purpose of this notice is to remind property owners of the need to ensure that wherever possible, flammable vegetation is removed before it dries out and becomes a threat to neighbouring properties.


Council urges owners and occupiers to reduce the danger which could arise from growth on their property and to keep that land clear from undergrowth particularly through the summer months.


When fire hazards are confirmed Council has no alternative but to issue abatement notices in accordance with Division 6 of the Local Government Act 1993. Failure to comply with abatement notices will result in the land being compulsorily cleared at the owner’s expense.


All enquiries should be directed to the Brighton Council on (03) 6268 7000, between 8.15am and 4.45pm (Mon – Fri).


For more detailed information about fire safety at your home and property, a range of useful publications can be found on the Tasmania Fire Service website.