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Tasmanian Planning Scheme


The Tasmanian Planning Scheme (TPS) will apply across the whole State. It will replace the current planning schemes that operate in each Council area.

The State Government has made available a fact sheet outlining the structure and process of the TPS, or for further information visit the State Government’s planning reform website here.

The TPS is made up of the State Planning Provisions (SPP’s) and a Local Provisions Schedule (LPS) for each council area.

The Brighton draft LPS was exhibited from 8 April 2019 until 11 June 2019. Council provided a report into the 39 representations received on the Brighton draft LPS. Subsequent Hearings were held in October and November 2019.

The Commission has now directed to exhibit the Substantially modified part of Brighton draft LPS from 11 July 2020 to 11 September 2020.

Please view the tabs below for further information.



The public exhibition period for the Brighton Draft Local Provisions Schedule has now closed. The below is for information only. 


The SPP’s were made by the Minister in February 2017 with minor amendments in April 2018.


The SPP’s set out the way the planning scheme operates, the zones that can be applied to land and the planning rules for use and development that occurs within those zones. The SPP’s also include planning rules in codes, relating to matters that occur across various zones. The intent of the TPS is to achieve as much consistency as possible in the planning rules that apply across the State.


The SPP’s are attached here:

State Planning Provisions



The LPS requirements are set out in the SPP’s and are part of the legislated framework.


The Brighton draft LPS is made up of:

  • The zone and code maps;
  • The written Brighton draft LPS, including
    • Local area objectives (LAO’s);
    • Particular Purpose Zones (PPZ’s);
    • Specific Area Plans (SAP’s)
    • Site Specific Qualifications (SSQ’s)
    • Code overlay maps (prescribed and local data)
    • Code lists


The written draft Brighton LPS document is attached here:

Brighton draft LPS ordinance


The zone and code maps can be viewed through a web-based map platform by clicking on the link below:

Brighton draft LPS online mapping tool


or are available as an A3 PDF version map book attached here:

Brighton draft LPS – Zone Maps

Brighton draft LPS – Zones Maps

Brighton draft LPS – LAO SAP SSQ Maps

Brighton draft LPS – Bushfire Prone Areas Maps

Brighton draft LPS – Bushfire Prone Areas Maps

Brighton draft LPS – Coastal Inundation Maps

Brighton draft LPS – Electricity Transmission Infrastructure Maps

Brighton draft LPS – Flood Prone Areas Maps

Brighton draft LPS – Heritage Maps

Brighton draft LPS – Landslip Maps

Brighton draft LPS – Natural Assets Maps



The contents of the  Brighton Draft LPS and associated requirements under the Act are discussed in a supporting report attached here:

Brighton draft LPS Supporting Report

Brighton Draft LPS Supporting Report – Appendices



The Brighton draft LPS includes some specific area plans, site specific qualifications and code applying provisions that are currently operating in the Brighton Interim Planning Scheme 2015. These provisions have been approved by the Minister for Planning to transition into the Brighton draft LPS under Schedule 6 of the Act and must be included in the Brighton draft LPS.

The approved Transitional Provisions are attached here:

Brighton LPS Transitional Provisions Declarations – 20 March 2019

In accordance with legislation, Brighton Council has prepared and publicly exhibited the Brighton Draft LPS. Council’s report that considers the representations during the public exhibition period was determined at the Council meeting on Tuesday 20 August 2019. The report has been forwarded to the Tasmanian Planning Commission (the Commission) who will hold hearings on the representations. The Commission will contact representors directly about hearing dates.

The report on the representations is included here:

Pages from Ordinary Agenda

Brighton Draft LPS Section 35F report

Brighton Draft LPS s.35F Report – APPENDICES


For information purposes, the documents that were placed on public exhibition are provided below.

Brighton Council’s s.35F report on the Brighton Draft LPS, which considered the representations received during the public exhibition report, was accepted by the Tasmanian Planning Commission (the Commission) on 26 September 2019 (see “Council Report on the Public Exhibition of Brighton Draft LPS” tab for more info).

A Directions Hearing was held on Friday 18 October 2019 and the Commission sought further information from the planning authority and specific representors. The Commissions Directions schedule and Council’s response are provided below:

The Commission’s Directions Schedule

Council’s Directions Schedule Response

Subsequently, the Commission held Hearings into the representations received on the Brighton draft LPS on the 14, 15, 19 & 20 November which were attended by Council, State Service Agencies and representors.

On 3 December 2019, The Commission requested a further submission from the planning authority which can be found here.








After consideration of Council’s s.35F report, subsequent hearings and submissions on the Brighton draft LPS,  the Commission has determined that modifications ought to be made to the Brighton draft LPS, and some are substantial modifications. The Commission directed the planning authority to substantially modify parts of the draft LPS in accordance with a Notice under section 35K(1)(c) to substantially modify. A copy of the Commissions’s decision can be viewed here.

Council has prepared the substantially modified part of Brighton draft LPS which is on public exhibition from 11 July 2020 to 11 September 2020. The exhibition documents and details about how you can lodge a representation can be found here.

Please note that the following background documents are available under the “Brighton Draft LPS – documents” tab:

  • the previously exhibited draft LPS;
  • the State Planning Provisions; and
  • copies of the Minister’s declarations about provisions transitioning from the interim planning scheme.