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International Women’s Day – Pontville Park – 6 March 2024

‘Safer Communities for Women’

International Women’s Day in Brighton with Award-Winning Journalist and Author Jess Hill

This is a free International Women’s Day event featuring investigative journalist Jess Hill, brought to you by the Salvation Army – Communities for Children and Brighton Council. Jess is an award winning writer who focuses on social issues and gendered violence. Jess is tirelessly working across Australia to raise the awareness of coercive control, domestic violence and the impact it has on women, children, families and communities.  Her book See What You Made Me Do won the 2020 Stella Prize for Australian women’s writing.

When:   Wednesday 6 March 2024

Where:  Brighton Regional Sports Pavilion at Pontville Park

Time:     10am to 2pm (lunch and refreshments provided).

Transport is available from various locations on the day. Childcare is available upon request.

The event will focus on how we support and create safe communities for women, commencing with ‘Jess Hill in conversation’ and followed by a series of sessions, including a panel discussion hosted by Jess, with representatives from tagari lia Child and Family Centre, the ‘7030’ drama group (participants were supported to tell their stories of lived experience through drama and storytelling methods), and those with experience in the Shark Cage Program (an eight week evidence based program that explores common types of abuse that women experience, building capacity, skills and self-care strategies).

Participants will also have the opportunity to delve into a case study and visit the market place stalls full of information on creating safe communities for women.

This is a FREE community event across the municipalities of Brighton, Derwent Valley, Central Highlands, and Southern Midlands.

Registrations CLOSE on 29 February 2024.

To reserve you place tickets are available online HERE

*Please Note:

  • If you are using the childcare service, there are limited places available across the different age groups and this must be booked ahead of time.
  • Once places run out, we are unable to assist with other childcare arrangements and encourage you to look for alternative arrangements e.g. family or friends.
  • Children need to bring a packed lunch and drinks for their time in care.
  • Children are NOT able to be in the conference room due to the nature of the conversations that will be held.