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Building & Plumbing

Building & Plumbing

Building & Plumbing


To assist the building trade and the home builder, Officers are available between 8.15am and 4.45pm to assist with the following:

  • Building approvals.
  • Plumbing approvals and inspections.
  • Building and drainage plans.
  • Stormwater infiltration and soakage inspections.
  • Advice on regulations.

For more information contact Council's Building Office on (03) 6268 7016.

To download an application form for Building or Plumbing  click on this Forms [11] link and download the appropriate document.

Please contact the Council Offices on (03) 6268 7016 for current fees and charges.


Council has resolved to discontinue providing Building Surveying Direct Services that includes the assessment and issue of Certificates of Likely Compliance and associated Building Inspections. Under the Building Act 2016, Certificates of Likely Compliance are certificates issued by a Building Surveyor certifying likely compliance with provisions contained within the National Construction Code.

Council will continue to provide Building Inspections, Occupancy Permits and Certificates of Final Inspection for those building works certified by Council prior to September 30 2004.

Anyone submitting documentation to Council (Permit Authority) for the issue of a Building Permit is to provide a Certificate of Likely Compliance issued by a private Building Surveyor.

If you are unsure about where to obtain the services of a private Building Surveyor please refer to the list of practising private Building Surveyors listed in the yellow pages of the telephone directory.

Boundary Fencing and Special Requirements for Swimming Pools

Brighton Council receives many inquiries relating to fencing matters.  Under Building and Plumbing on our Forms Page [11], we have a Fencing Guidelines Information Sheet for download/viewing.


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